Olivo Amigo Mediterranean Startup

Creative Design Intern
Marketing Intern
Website Designer

9 months,
Summer 2022- March 2023

Brand Development
Graphics Design
Content Creation (videos)

During my first internship with a startup, I tackled the intersections of physical product design, content marketing, and brand development from scratch. I also got to develop the website interface + branding of Olivo Amigo's subsidiary company: Olive Oil Land.

Project Overview

โœฆ My Role

  • Social Media + Email Marketing through reels (short videos), IG Posts, weekly newsletters, and articles
  • Graphic Design including phamplets, postcards, and giftbox designs
  • Market Research on the Olive Oil + Gifts Industry, synthesizing customer needs

โœฆ Highlight

As an intern for a startup, I got a lot of one-on-one mentorship sessions with the CEO where I learned the process of starting a business and designing a marketable product

โœฆ Goals
  1. revitalize brand personality to speak to a broader audience
  2. spearhead brand personality and design palette for new startup launch

Introducing Olivo Amigo

Olivo Amigo is a woman-led Spanish Mediterranean startup based around food and consumer goods: from olive oil to vinegar and ceramics with an emphasis on sustainable production and lifestyle.
When I joined the team, the company was planning to expand into a 2nd offshoot wholesale business targeting business owners instead of consumers. My goal was to create a bridge across this expanded customer base ๐Ÿฅ™ ๐ŸŒŠ


The Problem
Previous marketing strategy and content were static and did not properly convey the brand personality.


The Solution
generate more targeted leads by re-aligning marketing content to the target audience.


Market Analysis

To better understand the Olive Oil and Culinary Market landscape, I conducted extensive research on the Mediterranean lifestyle, culutre, and Olive Oil properties. I found that there was a large cultural stigma against fats that we could tap into.

Major Insights from competitors
I also conducted general research on our main competitiors - specifically how their brand was conveyed.

  • Lack of brand personality and sole focus on functionality (ie sell the product and that's it)
  • outdated marketing with product-focused flyers instead of user-focused content
  • lacking diversity of products OR featured too many products (paradox of choice)

The Main Opportunity: Creating a Wholesale System that targeted both B2B and B2C

Graphic Design

Promotional Materials

I designed an assortment of phamplets, flyers, postcards, and brochures with Photoshop and Canva.

My design approach and goal was to seamlessly incorporate the base branding with a fun and eye-catching design which reflected the vibrant and inviting aesthetic of the business.

The final result featured a varied editorial layout (capture attention) with fun yet sophisticated colors (keep attention) and emphasizing different views of the product (deliver the message) and a dynamic palette of graphics for the final cherry on top!


Video Development

I filmed and edited over 20 short videos creating over 20 unique recipes for Instagram Reels. I focused on spotting the top trending sounds and Key words with SEO optimization platforms, analyzing top-performing food-based Instagram accounts.



Sample Instagram Reels!

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